Electrical Engineering Investigation

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Our electrical forensic engineers have investigated and given evidence on failures in design, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, the failure of electrical systems and the causes of personal injury. Investigations have included electrical and electronic systems on aircraft, ships, power stations, distribution sub-stations, chemical plants, factories, farms and private dwellings.

Our extensive library houses Codes of Practice, regulations, standards and articles published in a variety of technical publications. We maintain records of recall notices published by manufacturers, and have established links with academic and electrical test facilities.

Incidents investigated include:

  • Transformer, cable and other distribution equipment failures
  • Failure of electrical and electronic control circuits
  • Loss of neutral conductors
  • Modelling of electric motors
  • Failures in domestic electrical appliances
  • Testing of electrical & electronic components
  • Suitability of equipment for purpose
  • Consideration of installation practices
  • Determination of fault currents
  • Lightning strikes
  • Alarm system failures
  • Electrocutions and electrical shock injuries
  • Explosions and fires arising from electrostatic discharges
  • Automotive electrical faults

Screening Service

We can undertake screening investigations, where costs are capped, on failed equipment submitted to Burgoynes or on site. Any member of our team would be pleased to discuss with you the most appropriate approach and provide a quotation for a screening investigation.

Principal Contacts

Bernard Bourdillon, London office

Peter Jowett, Ilkley office

David Bailey, Kenilworth office

Stuart Mortimore, Glasgow office

Mark Slater, Basingstoke office

Edwin Low, Singapore office

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