Fire and Explosion Investigation

Weston-Super-Mare Pier Fire Buncefield Oil Depot Fire Cutty Sark Fire Windsor Castle Fire

Fire and explosion investigation and the assessment of all issues arising as a consequence of a fire represent the largest sector of our work. Our investigations range from small incidents involving domestic appliances to major catastrophes at complex industrial and petrochemical installations.


Our large team of scientists and engineers is available to respond promptly to incidents worldwide. Several of our team are highly qualified academically in combustion and explosion science, and others in physics, chemistry, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering. This spread of knowledge allows complex incidents requiring more than one discipline to be carried out in-house. We are experienced in the design and conduct of ad hoc tests on any scale, and in the use of standard tests, to investigate fire behaviour and ignition mechanisms. We can also comment on the applicability and the use of fire modelling.

Our library and information service comprises a unique collection of technical papers, textbooks, reference works, journals and portals to a wide range of databases.

The majority of our investigators have considerable experience as expert witnesses in both criminal and civil courts in the UK, and in several other countries. We are often appointed to act as single joint experts.

In recognition of their expertise and experience in fire and explosion investigation, members of our team have chaired a committee set up under the Government's Arson Countrol Forum, tasked with designing national fire investigation protocols and procedures, and devising training schemes for the Fire Service, Scenes of Crimes Officers, Police and forensic scientists.


  • Fire investigation
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire precautions
  • Fire detection
  • Fire extinguishment
  • Fire debris analysis
  • Compliance with Statutes, Codes and Regulations


Experienced members of the team frequently lecture on fire and explosion science and scene examination at academic institutions, the Fire Service College and at International Conferences.

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