Mechanical Engineering and Materials Failures

Stress Corrosion Cracking

Our forensic mechanical and materials engineers investigate a diverse range of failures and incidents. Our engineers have a wide variety of industrial and academic backgrounds and are based throughout the UK, in Singapore and in Hong Kong. Engineers from Burgoynes frequently prepare reports for the legal profession providing expert opinions on the causes of incidents and failures. We are familiar with presenting oral evidence in courts and other dispute resolution arenas throughout the world.

Incidents investigated include:

  • Water escapes
  • Pressure vessel ruptures and collapses
  • Personal injury investigations
  • Health & Safety Executive (HSE) driven investigations
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Railway collisions and derailments
  • Scaffolding, racking and other large structure collapses
  • Product liability investigations
  • Crane collapses
  • Lifting and Access Equipment failures
  • Falls from height; including ladders
  • Escapes of oil or other substances from vessels, pipes or pressure systems
  • Aviation and aerospace component failures
  • Machinery breakdowns
  • Manufacturing and Design deficiencies
  • Failures in metals, plastics, ceramics and composites caused by corrosion, fatigue, fracture or overload
  • Corrosion of metals and non-metals
  • Regulatory authority investigations

Principal Contacts

Simon Jones, London Office

Tom Parry, Ilkley Office

Ian Wadsworth, Ilkley Office

Miles Hammersley, Manchester Office

Jon Sykes, Singapore Office

Rob Bachelard, Hong Kong Office

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