Academic and Professional Qualifications:

BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Loughborough University
CEng Chartered Engineer
MIET Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology


Bernard qualified with a BSc honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Loughborough University of Technology. He is a Chartered Engineer, is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and is registered with the European Federation of National Engineering Association (FEANI) as a European Engineer (Eur.Ing). He joined Burgoynes in 1984 and became a Partner in 1990.

Since joining Burgoynes, Bernard has investigated over 2000 fires, explosions and incidents of electrical failure on land and on marine vessels, both within the UK and abroad. While the majority of his work has been the investigation of fire incidents, Bernard’s electrical engineering experience and expertise have been used in a wide range of incidents involving equipment failures, personal injuries and construction losses. He has also investigated cable failures, high and low voltage switchgear faults, transformer and rotating machine failures, appliance defects and system failures associated with computer and conventional control installations.

Bernard has presented expert evidence in court and at arbitrations on numerous occasions. In addition, following the introduction of the new Civil Procedure Rules in 1999, Bernard has been appointed on several occasions as a Single Joint Expert in accordance with Part 35 of the CPR.