Academic and Professional Qualifications:

BSc Fuel & Combustion Science – University of Leeds
PhD Explosion Research – University of Leeds


Charlie graduated from Leeds University and received his PhD in 1998. He then carried out research and development for explosion protection firms in the UK and the US. Charlie joined Burgoynes in 2002 and became a Partner in 2012.

During his time with Burgoynes, Charlie has undertaken numerous investigations into fires and explosions in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and the Americas. His land-based incidents range from domestic fires to large-scale industrial fires, as well as marine casualties. He has investigated fires and explosions on container vessels, bulk carrier and general cargo vessels, tankers, cruise ships, Ro-Ro ferries and yachts. These incidents have occurred in engine rooms, pump rooms, cargo tanks and holds, containers and accommodation structures.

Charlie’s investigations have culminated in providing expert witness evidence in Crown Court. He has also contributed articles to periodicals and reference works and has lectured at a number of venues and to a range of audiences, including academic conferences and industrial forums.