Academic and Professional Qualifications:

BSc Biology – University of Southampton
MSB Member of the Society of Biology
CBiol Chartered Biologist
MEI Member of the Energy Institute


David joined Burgoynes in 1990 from ECHA Microbiology, a company specialising in identifying and resolving industrial microbiological contamination problems. After transferring to Burgoynes’ Singapore office in 1996, he returned to the UK and opened the Cardiff Office in 2000. He became a Partner in 2001.

David has carried out over 1000 fire and explosion investigations in the UK and overseas. His more high profile cases include the fires at New London Properties (1991), Roy’s Quality Foods (1993), the Garley Building (Hong Kong, 1996), Panasonic (Cardiff, 2001) and the explosion at the BOC Acetylene filling plant, Bristol, 2010. David has gained experience in major fire losses in the semi-conductor industry, including those at Winbond (Taiwan, 1996), UICC (Taiwan, 1997) and incidents at silane gas handling installations. His marine cases have involved a range of incidents including investigations of engine room, accommodation and cargo fires, which included the fire and sinking of the SS SUN VISTA (1999) and the explosions on the tanker SAN SEBASTIAN (2003) and the chemical tanker VICUÑA (2004). David has attended on board vessels in live incidents to monitor and advise on the containment and extinguishment of fires in cargo spaces.

David continues to deal with microbiological cases, which have resulted in significant losses involving perishable bulk cargoes, such as soybeans and other grains or raw materials. He has also investigated incidents of microbiological contamination of water and other systems that can lead to health risks such as Legionnaires’ disease or to production and corrosion problems in marine and land-based industries. David has also assisted in the resolution of fungal issues in domestic properties.

These investigations have led him to act as an expert witness on many occasions in connection with litigation in the UK and overseas.