Academic and Professional Qualifications:

MChem Chemistry – University of Oxford
DPhil Physical and Theoretical Chemistry – University of Oxford
MRSC Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry


While studying for her Master’s degree, Hannah synthesised new organic compounds and investigated their properties using a number of analytical techniques. She went on to obtain a DPhil that focused on developing computer simulations to describe chemical reactions that are affected by magnetic fields, with a view to understanding avian magnetoreception.

Hannah joined Burgoynes in 2012 and specialises in the investigation of fires, explosions and chemical incidents. Since then, she has investigated more than 500 incidents both in the UK and overseas. These have included fires and explosions in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic premises, as well as incidents on marine vessels. In addition, Hannah has been involved in a number of personal injury cases involving chemical incidents, and has undertaken the assessment of contamination following fires and other incidents. Although mostly based in Glasgow, Hannah has undertaken two secondments to work from our Singapore office.