Academic and Professional Qualifications:

MEng Engineering - University of Cambridge


Before attending university, Ian gained a year of industrial experience at Zeneca’s pharmaceutical manufacturing site in Macclesfield. Zeneca sponsored his degree studies and he undertook summer placements at various Zeneca manufacturing sites from 1998 to 2000. After graduating, he worked for AstraZeneca as a Technical Support Engineer, which involved responsibilities for specification, commissioning and maintenance of chemical plant and associated services. Ian joined Burgoynes as an Associate in 2004 and became a Partner in 2014.

Since joining Burgoynes, Ian has conducted investigations of over 1000 incidents including fires, explosions, mechanical failures and personal injuries. These have been in domestic, commercial, industrial and marine environments, both in the UK and overseas. Marine experience includes engine room and shipyard fires.

Ian has extensive experience of vehicle fire investigations, including fires in passenger carrying vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, and performance cars. These investigations have involved exhaust after-treatment systems, compressed air systems, catastrophic engine failure, drivetrain failures, hydraulic and fuel system failures, electrical faults, and lithium ion battery failure.

Ian has provided expert opinion for both criminal and civil litigation, and he has presented expert testimony in the High Court.