Academic and Professional Qualifications:

BSc (Hons) Chemistry - Imperial College
PhD Chemistry - Imperial College


During his doctorate, Seb published a number of scientific papers in the field of nanotechnology on the synthesis and characterisation of semiconductor nanoparticles. He joined Burgoynes in 2005 and became a Partner in 2014.

Seb principally investigates fires and explosions, which have included multi-million dollar losses in chemical plants, power stations, petroleum refineries, semi-conductor plants, research laboratories, factories, warehouses and container terminals. The investigations were conducted in Europe and Asia.

Seb has conducted investigations into marine incidents on container ships, tanker vessels, bulk carriers, cruise liners, yachts and navy vessels, including fires that occurred at sea and in shipyards. He has investigated engine room, cargo hold, accommodation, bunker and container fires and has given advice on the prevention, management and extinguishment of fires in various cargoes including general cargoes and dangerous goods (DG) cargoes, such as chemical products, coal, seed cakes, batteries and direct reduced iron (DRI). Seb has overseen the analytical identification and classification of substances, including the assessment of purity, contaminants and formulations. Those substances have included fuels, solvents, agricultural products and a variety of other chemicals.

Seb is fluent in Danish and Italian and has a working knowledge of German, French and Spanish.