Academic and Professional Qualifications:

MChem Chemistry – University of Wales, Swansea
PhD Organic Chemistry – University of Leeds
MRSC Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry


After completing a PhD in Chemistry, followed by short spells of postdoctoral research in synthetic organic chemistry, first at the University of Leeds and then at RWTH-Aachen, Germany, Tom joined Burgoynes in 2006 and became a Partner in 2021. He has investigated over 1000 cases involving fires, explosions and contamination events across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Fire and explosion incidents investigated have ranged from small fires in domestic properties to large incidents in commercial or industrial buildings, as well as on board ships.

Land-based investigations have involved a wide range of fires including causes associated with: electrical appliances, electrical supply and distribution equipment, vehicles, fixed and portable heating equipment, catering equipment, industrial plant and machinery, deliberate acts of ignition and other forms of human agency. Explosion incidents have involved mains gas, LPG, aerosol propellants, and the vapours of flammable liquids. Contamination investigations have involved assessment of contamination of equipment and stock by the smoke produced during fires or by the release of chemicals.

Marine cases have involved fires that occurred during the construction of a vessel, as well as explosion and fire incidents on vessels during voyages. Marine-based contamination investigations have involved incidents of alleged contamination of cargoes of foodstuffs and petrochemical products, including: gasoil, styrene monomer and monoethylene glycol.