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Safety Recall Briefing

Posted on Wednesday, 3 August 2016
Last updated on Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Burgoynes frequently investigates fires and other incidents involving white goods and electrical installation equipment where the cause is related to a manufacturing or design defect.

A manufacturer who identifies a defect involving a certain product model or type in a given manufacturing batch or date range can issue a Repair Action or a Safety Recall.

Our investigators have become aware of the following Repair Action and Safety Recall-related issues:


There have been cases of batteries that have caught fire when being charged.


Power Adapters

The following power cords and adapters have been recalled due to defects or risks of electrical shock.


Balance Boards

A number of balance board models have been recalled because they are not fully compliant with British Standards and potentially pose a safety or fire hazard.


Other electrical appliances

A product recall has been issued in respect of certain models of electrical appliances which can develop a fault with the potential to cause them to overheat and catch fire.


Other products

Other products have been recalled due to risks of electrical shock or other safety issues.


The above issues relate only to certain models and batches of product, manufactured within a specific date range.

Our case database allows us to collate incidents involving a specific appliance type and trends can be sometimes identified, allowing us to put a seemingly solitary incident into a wider perspective. Instructing Burgoynes in relation to the investigation of appliance fires comes with the benefit of this in-house knowledge.

We offer a capped price screening service and can investigate failed equipment submitted to Burgoynes or on site. Please contact us on 020 7726 4951 for further information and/or a quotation.