Quality Management

Burgoynes has always been committed to delivering work and services of the highest quality to its clients.  As part of the company’s wish to maintain its standards, a Quality Management System to ISO9001:2015 has been implemented and all UK offices were accredited to this standard by BSI in 2018.

ISO9001:2015 provides the framework that allows us to respond to and meet the specified requirements of our clients consistently.  A key parameter in this process is our Code of Service, which details our commitment to processing our clients’ instructions from acceptance to report delivery in a professional and timely manner.  Part of the Quality Management System requires us to critically review existing practices with a view to identifying opportunities for improvement aimed at ensuring that our forensic investigations remain of the highest quality.  Each UK office will receive regular audits by BSI.   

Please contact us if you would like to instruct us or provide us with some feedback.  For further information on ISO9001:2015 please see the BSI website or contact Dan Jackson.