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Arson Protection Forum - State of the Nation 2017

As a member of the Arson Protection Forum, Burgoynes’ Chris Foster has collaborated with fellow members to produce the State of the Nation Report 2017. The report provides an overview of the cost and consequences of arson, as well as an insight into what is currently being done to reduce its impact.

The Swedish Club: Don’t Overlook the Risk of Cargo Fires

Cargo fires occur so infrequently that awareness of the risk can slip under the radar. Yet such an incident on board a vessel can have disastrous consequences including loss of life or catastrophic loss of the vessel involved. With the average cost of a cargo fire at several million USD, cargo fires are not a risk to be overlooked.

We Need to Talk About Fire Claims - Roundtable Event

With concerns growing about the coordination of the many parties involved in investigating major fire claims, Burgoynes' partner Louise Russell participated in a roundtable event which brought together insurers, adjusters, forensic investigators and fire service claims.